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Frequently Asked Quesions

What makes your studio different than others offered?

  - Our goal is to teach acrobatics and tumbling to anyone and everyone that wants to learn. We aim to make you into the best version of you. Whether you are looking to gain flexibility, or you want to be able to do a back flip or a back flip with a half twist into a front flip. Whatever your goals are we want to help you achieve them. Studio R is not associated with any particular organizations and does not participate in competitions. Our goal is to make a better you, to help children and adults to stay active and most importantly have fun.

What is your rate?

  - The rate varies depending on the class. See the class list for current pricing.

Do you run separate/special sessions?

  - No we will run month to month, similar to music lessons or a gym membership. We will grow on strengths from class to class.


How often will a child have class?

  - The class you sign up for will meet once a week

If I miss the class I am signed up for can I make it up?

  - Yes, as long as a similar class has room for additional students.

How will I be billed?

  - You will be billed monthly via the credit card or bank account that you register with.

Will you offer different classes for different talent levels?

  - Yes we we do. Reach out to Robin and she will find a class that fits your child's level.

What to wear?

-You may wear a leotard, but you may also come in shorts/leggings and a T-shirt. 

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